Hétéronomonde, the first edition of the Tout-Monde Festival, traces the contour of contemporary Antillean and Caribbean artistic production at the junction of autonomy, heteronomy and Tout-Monde.

The theory of globalization introduced by Édouard Glissant through the concepts of “Creolization” and “Poetics of Relation,” which culminated in the notion of “Tout-Monde, ” led to multiple currents of thoughts ranging from political philosophy to art criticism—with such notions as relational aesthetic for instance.

What new ways of being in the world can emerge from the confluence of the great Martinican poet’s theories and the practice of everyday contemporary life in and from the Caribbean, in a world in search for political self-determination amidst social atomization and cultural fragmentation?

How have these new ways of being in the world at large been anticipated, translated, and experimented through the artistic processes emerging from these ‘in-between’ (is-)lands of the Antilles—caught between their status as both French regions and Caribbean territories as well as both of Europe and of the Americas?

From artistic creation to political discourse, Hétéronomonde, the first edition of the Tout-Monde Festival sets forth to confront such ideas specific to Antillean identity formation within the wider Caribbean region and in the world and, as such, pursues a double action of belonging and relating through an ongoing process of cultural construction.

Claire Tancons and Johanna Auguiac, curators of the first edition of the Tout-Monde Festival



Claire Tancons
is a curator and scholar invested in the discourse and practice of the postcolonial politics of production and exhibition. Among her many curatorial highlights include En Mas’: Carnival and Performance Art of the Caribbean, an Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award-winning traveling curatorial project (2014-present). Tancons has recently begun to work as a music curator for the Origins Season of the National Sawdust in New York (2017-18). She has also curated for established and emerging international biennials and is currently a curator for the upcoming Sharjah Biennial (SB14, 2019).

Johanna Auguiac-Célénice is an independent curator and director of the International Biennale of Contemporary Art (BIAC Martinique), founder of JM’Arts gallery (2002-2012) in Paris and curator for several festivals. Through the editions of Martinique and Guadeloupe Nouvelle Vague, she set about discovering, against the tide of exotic clichés, contemporary art of the Caribbean & Americas for a better dissemination and recognition. Artistic advisor for Kréyol Factory, Grande Halle of La Villette (Paris 2009). In the Caribbean, she commissioned Maditierra, (Cuba); Caribbean Clim’Art / COP 21, (Fort de France) and Turning Tide, with Tumelo Mosaka at the Memorial ACTe (Guadeloupe).