The theme of the second edition, Echo-Natures, aims at deconstructing stereotypes of the Caribbean by exploring the deep characteristics and the essence of the Caribbean through different beings, shapes and environments. It seeks to analyze how these Caribbean Natures, encountered in insular, continental and diasporic contexts, resonate with one another, and with the rest of the world, in reference to the “Echo-World” of Edouard Glissant (1928-2011), Martinican philosopher, poet and author, father of the “Tout-Monde” concept.

The selected installations, paintings, performances, videos and films from the French Caribbean are resonating with other selected Caribbean art work and artists. For this second edition, they all share a similar concern about the evolution of our natural sphere and environment impacted by sea level rise, hurricanes, oceanic pollution and recent socio-economic challenges.


Jean-Marc Hunt

Jean-Marc Hunt is a Guadeloupean visual artist and curator born in Strasbourg (France) in 1975. He now lives and works in Guadeloupe.

Jean-Marc Hunt grew up in the suburbs confirming his talent through graffiti and rap music. In 2003, he settles down in Guadeloupe where he forges his neo-expressionistic figurative style. His work reveals a turbulent art in an often ironic demonstration. He has shown his work in several exhibitions in the Caribbean, France, Switzerland and the U.S.

He curated several exhibitions at Art Bemao in Guadeloupe from 2009 to 2013, as well as “D’Ayhiti to Haiti” in Nantes, France and more recently the exhibition “Désir Cannibale” at the Fondation Clément in Martinique in 2018. He was awarded Knight in the order of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the French Republic in 2015.

Giscard Bouchotte

Giscard Bouchotte, born in Haiti in 2013, has been working to build a sustained reflection on the power of chaos through his critical texts, exhibitions and artistic actions. Where politics fail, artistic action serves as a tool generating civic creativity. During the annual “Nuit Blanche” of Port-au-Prince, for which he is curatorial director, he invites international and local artists to transform the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince half-destroyed by the 2010 earthquake into a playground. For the past ten years, he has curated several exhibitions as an independent curator, among which “Haiti Kingdom of the World” (Paris 2010), subsequently transformed into the first Haitian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale (Venice, 2011). Bouchotte’s other multidisciplinary events include : the traveling exhibition “Périféeriques”, “(In)visibilité Ostentatoire” at the Fondation Clément, Martinique 2017. His research focuses on the future of traditions, revisited by contemporary artists in the context of globalization.

Marie Vickles

Marie Vickles is an artist and curator living and working in Miami. She is the Knight Associate Director of Education, School, Outreach and Studio Programs at Pérez Art Museum Miami, an independent curator, and artist living in Miami, Florida. In addition to her role as a museum educator, she is the Curator-in-Residence at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. Marie has administered and organized arts educational programs, workshops and exhibitions across the United States and the Caribbean for over 15 years. In her work she is concerned with the development of new ways to bridge the connections between creativity and community engagement, with the goal of encouraging livability through the arts.