For the first edition of the Tout-Monde Festival in 2018, a dedicated education program for the youth entitled Tout-Monde Teens! was offered and curated by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

In 2019, the program is extended to an even younger public through the Program Tout-Monde Kids!

In 2019, the program extends to now reach out to an even younger public, through the Program Tout-Monde Kids!


  • Tout-Monde Teens!: Middle school, High school and college from 11-19
    years old.
  • Tout-Monde Kids!: Elementary school, from 5- 10 years old.
  • Larger public and Families.


  • Make art accessible to all, by including the younger public, in particular
    from underserved communities or schools, through dedicated fieldtrips or workshops in schools.
  • Raise children and teenagers’ awareness of the Caribbean region, art and culture, by making them discover Caribbean authors and artists through interactive and pedagogic workshops
  • Invite students to reflect on the Caribbean history, echoing their own cultural environment in Miami or Florida
  • Build partnerships and strong links between schools and colleges in Florida and French Caribbean artists and institutions with the perspective of creating student exchanges
  • Occasionally teach the students and children some basic notions and words in French for fun.